First, ensure that you have created the customer, the product and grouped the product. 

Click here to learn how to create a customer 

Click here to learn how to create a product 

Click here to learn how to group products 

Once that is completed we can get started!

Step 1: 

1. Select the Order Tab 

Step 2: 

2. Next, select NEW ORDER 

Step 3: 

3. Enter all the contact information to complete the order 

Step 4: 

4. Add products to the order by selecting ADD

 Step 5: 

5. Enter the product to complete the order and if there is more than one product select SAVE & ADD NEW to add more products to the order. Once everything is inputted click SAVE & CLOSE. 

 Step 6: 

Select PRINT to view additional features such as Delivery Slip.

Step 6: 

Select SAVE to finish the order.